Sunday, August 28, 2011

yeah I could totally do without that.

So I know it may so totally seem like all my blogs are negative, but they aren't (at least I hope they aren't) and I'm not really that much of a negative nancy...okay maybe a little bit...sometimes. Anyways this blog was triggered by the current storm taking place outside right meow. In case you didn't know, I HATE STORMS. SO MUCH. Like really, its unreal how much I hate them. I mean who really likes lightning? Not me! I've seen Sweet Home Alabama. You can get struck by lightning. And that's like one of my biggest fears. One of them, I have like a million. I'm what the Americans say....a big baby. Anyhooters, so I'm driving home like 10 minutes ago right, and there is lightning ALL OVER and I literally live 30 seconds away from where I was driving from, and I was so scared I was going to get struck by lightning cause really it was like all over. I'm pretty sure it was taunting me.
So if you're not getting what I'm saying, I could totally live without storms. And lightning. This one time when I lived in Green Bay (Wisconsin always gets really bad storms, they always used to make my Grandpa's power go out and I would almost always cry. I've always hated them, but I used to pretend to like them because my dad loves them and I wanted to be cool or something, idk) So anyways, it was like right when I first moved into my dorm at the very end of August, so around this time last year, and I was all emotional and stuff because my dad and my other half had just left and I was literally crying for like a week and so then its like this really bad storm and my room was SO HOT and so we always kept the window open and there was lightning and I didn't want to shut the window because it was way too hot in there but I also was pretty convinced I'd get struck by lightning because I was on the 3rd floor of our building and I sleep on the top bunk so I was taller and stuff and it was just really not a good time. I think I ended up shutting the window, that's why I'm still alive.

I really had no intention of writing about lightning this whole time, but I'm kind of tired of typing and I want to get on pinterest and look for jobs (not on pinterest.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Howdy! I've been asked why I haven't blogged lately, let me tell you, I've been super busy! That's why! But I have a new addiction to Pinterest, and I always look at the photos of different places, and it reallllyyyy makes me want to travel!
We all know how bad I want to go to Barcelona. If you didn't know, now you do! I want to go to Barcelona. Baaadddd.

or Madrid. I would be perfectly content with Madrid as well.

Isn't Madrid pretty? YES. I must go there. Must.
I will also be gladly accepting donations to go to Greece.

How could you say no to that? Seriously..
You know, I'm even willing to go to Italy....please, like you'd have to force me to go. I'd go to Italy in a heartbeat!

I think that the list of places I don't want to go is shorter than the list of places I want to go too.
I really want to go to London, or England in general, and Norway, and I would even go to the Dominican Republic to do some volunteer work. I think that would be way cool. I also watched Rio today and it made me really want to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yeah that'd be siiick.
Okay so yeah one day I WILL go to these places.

kthanxluvyabi <3

Sunday, August 7, 2011

but we're happy!

I went to Portland this weekend with my baby sisters Shelby and Courtney, and that was literally the quote of the entire trip. "We're incredibly lost...but we're happy!" "We almost got in 8 million wrecks...but we're happy!" "We are SO tired...but we're happy!" I think you get the picture.

aren't we cute? but seriously.
That was mine and Court's first time on the MAX. It was actually kind of fun and we didn't get lost so yeah, we win.

So this weekend was an eventful one. We went to the zoo

and I tried to drop them off (Shelby and Courtney)  but they wouldn't let me. Sad, I know.
And we also went shopping. A lot. Like 3 different malls in 2 days...we're teenage girls. What do you expect? We also went to Sky High! That place is a good time.

Courtney got her back tuck, and I almost killed myself trying. I'm not as young as I used to be folks, I'm almost 20 (even though I look like I'm 13.) Shelby did real good too! She got her front handspring and she pretty much got her front tuck also! And Rachel was literally just flipping all over the place, haha. The second day is definitely the worst. I can't move. Like hardly at all. And I don't want to put on icy hot because once I read a story where this girl died because she put on too much icy hot and the chemicals in it soaked into her blood stream and then it killed her. So now I'm real cautious about stuff like that. I say like a lot. Oh well.

So I think that's pretty much all that we did...oh yeah, we went to the Portland, Oregon Temple as well! Its being remodeled or whatevs, so we got the best picture that we could.

It was still SO pretty though! As always!

Oh, and this song was also one we listened to A LOT on this trip, because I love it. So much.
k thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 reasons why..

 10 Reasons why I don't want to write an essay that's due on Saturday.

Reason 1: Moves like Jagger is stuck in my head and therefore its blocking all my creative flow
Reason 2: Big Brother is on tonight and its elimination night and I'm really nervous because Dani (who is so dumb) put Jordan up as a pawn against Brendon, and I'm pretty sure that Brendon will go home because he's a big cry baby neandrathal (you'll get it if you watched last season) but still, if Jordan goes home I will cry because that means Brendon and Rachel will still be in the house. Together.

Reason 3: FIST PUMPIN' IN ITALY! The premiere of Jersey Shore is on tonight!! Nuff said.
oh wait...cabs are here!

Reason 4: I'm tired.

Reason 5: I just don't want too!

Reason 6: I'm going to Portland tomorrow, and I haven't really packed or anything, and I h8 packing but I'd rather do that then write an essay.

Reason 7: Have I mentioned I just don't want too?

Reason 8: Stumbleupon and Itunes side tracked me. Oh and I'm going to Sushi with Stephanie Carlon in like two hours and I don't want to start it and stop halfway through... is that a lame excuse?

Reason 9: I'm STILL laughing about how at least 10 people on facebook told me "happy birthday!" because Stephanie Carlon wrote on my wall that it was my birthday. It was incredibly nice of them, but I'm a lil hurt because shouldn't they know it wasn't my real birthday? Shame on them!

Reason 10: I'd rather blog about it.


Monday, August 1, 2011

things I've realized.

So today I was sitting in the planetarium at school (its not really a planetarium, its like an arbitoreum or however you spell/say it, but Hillari and I call it a planetarium because of all the plants...hahaha) anyways, I was sitting in there trying to study (but my brain just wasn't having it!) and I started to think about things and then I started realizing some other  things, and then I decided to blog about it because hey, I love blogging!
Anyways, things I've realized...and go:

  • I drink way too much water
  • Work out clothes are permanently attached to my body (I'm just really lazy)
  • I love gummy worms
  • I'm a horrible driver (I broke 13 laws on saturday, Courtney counted)
  • Life is better tan, and when you have glitter nails
  • I have a 6th sense that can always tell who is going to win on Big Brother
  • I love the color baby blue
  • I'm definitely nocturnal
  • Disney movies can fix any bad day (I'm currently watching Peter Pan!)
  • Guys will and always will be really dumb...even when you're not a teenager anymore
  • Life goes by wayyyy too fast! (I'm almost 20!...September 30th, don't forget :))
  • I'm kind of addicted to tumblr and stumbleupon, and vintage photos
  • I'm also kind of addicted to picking out what my future house will look like (its so fun!)
  • I want to live right on the beach, like in North Carolina or something like that
  • I love Ikea!

Such a cute room!

love this!

so quaint and cute!
I also really like the modern look in a house, and yes Stephanie Carlon you totally called that I was going to blog about this too. Thanks for the inspiration girl!

love black and white!
but I feel like a modern type house would like kind of weird in a beach house...

How CUTE is this house?! This is soooo perfect!! Its right on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina by the way. This is where I will live.
Thanks for reading!