Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 reasons why..

 10 Reasons why I don't want to write an essay that's due on Saturday.

Reason 1: Moves like Jagger is stuck in my head and therefore its blocking all my creative flow
Reason 2: Big Brother is on tonight and its elimination night and I'm really nervous because Dani (who is so dumb) put Jordan up as a pawn against Brendon, and I'm pretty sure that Brendon will go home because he's a big cry baby neandrathal (you'll get it if you watched last season) but still, if Jordan goes home I will cry because that means Brendon and Rachel will still be in the house. Together.

Reason 3: FIST PUMPIN' IN ITALY! The premiere of Jersey Shore is on tonight!! Nuff said.
oh wait...cabs are here!

Reason 4: I'm tired.

Reason 5: I just don't want too!

Reason 6: I'm going to Portland tomorrow, and I haven't really packed or anything, and I h8 packing but I'd rather do that then write an essay.

Reason 7: Have I mentioned I just don't want too?

Reason 8: Stumbleupon and Itunes side tracked me. Oh and I'm going to Sushi with Stephanie Carlon in like two hours and I don't want to start it and stop halfway through... is that a lame excuse?

Reason 9: I'm STILL laughing about how at least 10 people on facebook told me "happy birthday!" because Stephanie Carlon wrote on my wall that it was my birthday. It was incredibly nice of them, but I'm a lil hurt because shouldn't they know it wasn't my real birthday? Shame on them!

Reason 10: I'd rather blog about it.


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