Monday, August 1, 2011

things I've realized.

So today I was sitting in the planetarium at school (its not really a planetarium, its like an arbitoreum or however you spell/say it, but Hillari and I call it a planetarium because of all the plants...hahaha) anyways, I was sitting in there trying to study (but my brain just wasn't having it!) and I started to think about things and then I started realizing some other  things, and then I decided to blog about it because hey, I love blogging!
Anyways, things I've realized...and go:

  • I drink way too much water
  • Work out clothes are permanently attached to my body (I'm just really lazy)
  • I love gummy worms
  • I'm a horrible driver (I broke 13 laws on saturday, Courtney counted)
  • Life is better tan, and when you have glitter nails
  • I have a 6th sense that can always tell who is going to win on Big Brother
  • I love the color baby blue
  • I'm definitely nocturnal
  • Disney movies can fix any bad day (I'm currently watching Peter Pan!)
  • Guys will and always will be really dumb...even when you're not a teenager anymore
  • Life goes by wayyyy too fast! (I'm almost 20!...September 30th, don't forget :))
  • I'm kind of addicted to tumblr and stumbleupon, and vintage photos
  • I'm also kind of addicted to picking out what my future house will look like (its so fun!)
  • I want to live right on the beach, like in North Carolina or something like that
  • I love Ikea!

Such a cute room!

love this!

so quaint and cute!
I also really like the modern look in a house, and yes Stephanie Carlon you totally called that I was going to blog about this too. Thanks for the inspiration girl!

love black and white!
but I feel like a modern type house would like kind of weird in a beach house...

How CUTE is this house?! This is soooo perfect!! Its right on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina by the way. This is where I will live.
Thanks for reading!

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