Friday, July 29, 2011

I blame Stephanie Carlon for this..

Hey Steph, I'm blaming you for this because I read your blog about weddings and I really liked all those pictures you posted. And then I got on MSN and these really cool wedding cakes popped up and then I just HAD to look at them, and then I felt the need to blog about it because I liked them so much.

So I've never really been into the whole "planning my wedding since I was 5 years old" deal, but I have kind of thought about it within the last year or so. I mean, I'm a teenage girl, of course I'm going too.

So like I said, these really cool wedding cake ideas popped up on MSN so I thought I'd take a looksy, and I liked what I saw!

LOVE this cake, probably because I love lace so so much.

I really like how this one isn't white. White is boring.

love love love this one!

I personally wouldn't do this for my wedding invitations, but I still think its creative!

Fashionable Flora Wedding Invitation
That one is really classy. I like it.

I think I want my wedding colors to be baby blue and baby yellow. (hahaha, I like "baby.") Or maybe baby blue and baby peach. Or maybe hot pink and black. That might be a lil drastic. I used to want to get married in May, but then I started to realize how unpredictable May weather was. So now I want to get married in June.

I LOVE THIS! This is definitely how my hair will be.

This is a cute idea! Me gusta.
I want a wedding dress with these 3 things: lace, glitter, and rhinestones. Those are my 3 favorite things in the whole world.

How amazing is this dress?! Seriously, so cute.

 I love this idea of everyone in different dresses. So fun!
Last but not least, the place of such events!

The Manti, Utah temple! That's where I want to get married. It's SO pretty. And I love the look of it.
I will also be happy with the following:
Logan Utah Mormon Temple
Logan, Utah temple!
Mesa Arizona Mormon Temple
Mesa, Arizona temple!
Oakland California Mormon Temple
Oakland, California temple!
Sacramento California Mormon Temple
Sacramento, California temple! (love this one!)
Salt Lake Mormon Temple
Salt lake temple!
 I think you guys get the picture....haha.
Okay, so after all that searching, I decided to discard every idea I posted on here because I found the most perfect wedding idea I could have ever seen in my entire life. Ever.
Wait for it....


That would be SUCH a great wedding. Like for reals.
Okay I think I'm done now.

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