Thursday, May 17, 2012

a lot to do about nothing.

I'm gonna try not to make this blog bitter or depressing so hopefully it can turn out to be funny and how I have pictured it in my head. Is it weird that when I'm bored and I think about blogging that I start to name off or write blogs in my head? I usually forget them by the time that I go to write them down though, so I guess it doesn't really help much. HAHA.

Anyways, so as most of you know (most of you, as in I hope people actually read this...) I moved like a week or so ago, honestly I don't even remember I've lost track of the days, ANYWAYS so I moved like a week or so ago or something like that and I really thought that living on your own would be so perfect and easy, but I must have been on drugs or something because I was pretty much delusional. Don't get me wrong it is pretty great, but let me tell you why its not.

  • I'm a scaredy cat, so naturally I would be afraid to live on my own...nuff said.
  • Making dinner for one person is kind of the pits, I didn't really even cook at home that much and that was for 4 of us, so now that I have to either cook for myself or starve (starving is not an option because I just love food too much) I have no choice but to cook! But I will say that I've been making some pretty bomb meals. Just call me Chef Sam. Or Becky Home-eccy. HAHA (Dance Moms reference..had too.)
  • I don't like cleaning, but I'm not a messy person. Does that even make sense?
  • For those of you who have seen Risky Business, the first thing you think of when you think of living alone is sliding through your hallway/kitchen in your underwear because you're parents aren't home. False. That's not real life. Well it might be for some of you...I don't wanna know.
  • Also when I do laundry I feel like Cinderella only that's bad because she's the worst Disney Princess ever (just ask Itzel Lucatero) but at home I used to LOVE doing laundry. Like literally I could do it for hours because I'm just that weird, but when I lived in a dorm in Green Bay I hated doing laundry there too! Something about running a household for one person isn't appealing..
Okay so I think that's all the "nagging" that I have to do about living on my own. OH WAIT. I totally forgot one that's super important. I HAVENT SEEN ANY HOT GUYS AROUND HERE. Wasn't that like, a requirement for me to move? How did that slip by my careful eye? I have been running an awful awful lot lately, I've probably put on more miles on my beloved running shoes these last 3 days then I have the last 3 months, it happens where you're bored and frustrated and lonely and mad, but I won't go there on something like this because A. I'm better than that and B. I once had a cheer coach that always told us "classy not trashy, we want to be Posh not Britney." So that's like my life motto now, but I still love Britney Spears so whatevs, would you hold it against me? Hahaha I seriously need a life. I have never been so excited for school to start in my entire life. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Annnddd that's a lot of evers. Okay so back to my running a ton story, I live literally right by the mall, if you know me at all, you know that's bad, especially since there's a Forever 21. That's like suicide. Anyways, so I've been running by the mall because obviously there's a lot of people by the mall and I get scared running where there isn't a lot of people because I live by a lot of fields too and fields are  the perfect places to hide bodies of 20 year old girls. I'm not crazy, I just watch a lot of tv. Anyways, back to my story for the 3rd time, I run by the mall a lot, which allows me to people watch like crazy, which also allows me to scope out hot boys, like the two that were riding their bikes today when I was running. Too bad I didn't talk to them. Maybe tomorrow I'll have to pretend to sprain my ankle or something good like that. Also I ate a couple bugs today on my run and it was super super nasty. I don't reccommend it. They don't taste like chocolate, I promise!

So pretty much this blog is pointless, like alllll my other ones, but hey, I'm the writer so I call the shots here!
Thanks for reading!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank goodness for best friends.

So I don't really blog too much about mushy gushy kinds of things, but lately I have been extremely grateful for the very best friends and family that I have! So I definitely want to brag about them, obviously.
I love my family and my friends so much, even though sometimes I don't act like it. For example, yesterday was Mother's day, and my Mother is a saint. Let me tell you, she really is. My mom and my dad drove up here to spend Mother's day with my sister and I, and my mother ended up cleaning and organizing my entire apartment, and taking care of my sick little self while I laid in bed. She is the best mother ever.

Also, I have the best family members ever! They are always there for me, no matter what. Whether its in need of a desperate phone call or text, or someone has to load up a shotgun, they are there. I would be lost without them all!
You know you have the best friends ever when they drive a half hour to come make you dinner when you're lonely, when they drive a half hour to come hang out with you while you're on your death bed, when they stay up way later then they should to talk to you about the boy who broke your heart, and  when they watch sad chick flicks with you and eat ice cream and brownies to help you feel better. I could probably go on forever but I will keep it short because we are currently watching The Bachlorette. I literally have the best friends ever!

Love you all!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Bucket List.

So I've had a lot of time on my hands lately, that's probably a bad thing because all I do now is just watch TV and think, but anyways, so I've had a lot of time on my hands right? Right. And I've been really bored so my imagination has been running wild, and I've been thinking of all the things that I want to do in my life! I combined them all into a Bucket List (I know its so totally cliche, but I don't really care!) P.s. The Bucket List is a really good movie, super sad though, however totally inspiring.

Okay, so here's my bucket list as of today, I'll probably end up adding more to it eventually! Also, don't judge me, we're all different for a reason.

  • Run the Boston Marathon by the time I'm 30!
  • Work as a rad tech on the islands of Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, etc, and help with their health care.
  • Ruin as many pairs of running shoes as I can from running so much.
  • Be in two states at once.
  • Meet Nicki Minaj (Obviously with Brett Hogg by my side.)
  • Visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park.
  • Have a flour fight!
  • Help find a cure for cancer.
  • Send a letter via owl (preferably Hedwig)
  • Meet the Kardashians!
  • Move to Hawaii!
  • Fully overcome my fear of the ocean.
  • Buy a Venus Flytrap and train it to eat everyone I don't like.
  • Spend an entire day holding up a "free hugs" sign in a big city.
  • Date someone who loves bowties as much as I do.
  • Read 365 books in a year.
  • See how many balloons it takes to lift myself up off the ground.
  • Go to Barcelona and Madrid and work at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center there.
  • Make "fetch" happen.
  • Visit Westminister Abbey.
  • Steal a Wall Street sign and hang it in my room.
So right meow that's all I can think of, but I'm sure I will have a much longer list soon!

Thanks for reading!