Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank goodness for best friends.

So I don't really blog too much about mushy gushy kinds of things, but lately I have been extremely grateful for the very best friends and family that I have! So I definitely want to brag about them, obviously.
I love my family and my friends so much, even though sometimes I don't act like it. For example, yesterday was Mother's day, and my Mother is a saint. Let me tell you, she really is. My mom and my dad drove up here to spend Mother's day with my sister and I, and my mother ended up cleaning and organizing my entire apartment, and taking care of my sick little self while I laid in bed. She is the best mother ever.

Also, I have the best family members ever! They are always there for me, no matter what. Whether its in need of a desperate phone call or text, or someone has to load up a shotgun, they are there. I would be lost without them all!
You know you have the best friends ever when they drive a half hour to come make you dinner when you're lonely, when they drive a half hour to come hang out with you while you're on your death bed, when they stay up way later then they should to talk to you about the boy who broke your heart, and  when they watch sad chick flicks with you and eat ice cream and brownies to help you feel better. I could probably go on forever but I will keep it short because we are currently watching The Bachlorette. I literally have the best friends ever!

Love you all!

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