Thursday, May 17, 2012

a lot to do about nothing.

I'm gonna try not to make this blog bitter or depressing so hopefully it can turn out to be funny and how I have pictured it in my head. Is it weird that when I'm bored and I think about blogging that I start to name off or write blogs in my head? I usually forget them by the time that I go to write them down though, so I guess it doesn't really help much. HAHA.

Anyways, so as most of you know (most of you, as in I hope people actually read this...) I moved like a week or so ago, honestly I don't even remember I've lost track of the days, ANYWAYS so I moved like a week or so ago or something like that and I really thought that living on your own would be so perfect and easy, but I must have been on drugs or something because I was pretty much delusional. Don't get me wrong it is pretty great, but let me tell you why its not.

  • I'm a scaredy cat, so naturally I would be afraid to live on my own...nuff said.
  • Making dinner for one person is kind of the pits, I didn't really even cook at home that much and that was for 4 of us, so now that I have to either cook for myself or starve (starving is not an option because I just love food too much) I have no choice but to cook! But I will say that I've been making some pretty bomb meals. Just call me Chef Sam. Or Becky Home-eccy. HAHA (Dance Moms reference..had too.)
  • I don't like cleaning, but I'm not a messy person. Does that even make sense?
  • For those of you who have seen Risky Business, the first thing you think of when you think of living alone is sliding through your hallway/kitchen in your underwear because you're parents aren't home. False. That's not real life. Well it might be for some of you...I don't wanna know.
  • Also when I do laundry I feel like Cinderella only that's bad because she's the worst Disney Princess ever (just ask Itzel Lucatero) but at home I used to LOVE doing laundry. Like literally I could do it for hours because I'm just that weird, but when I lived in a dorm in Green Bay I hated doing laundry there too! Something about running a household for one person isn't appealing..
Okay so I think that's all the "nagging" that I have to do about living on my own. OH WAIT. I totally forgot one that's super important. I HAVENT SEEN ANY HOT GUYS AROUND HERE. Wasn't that like, a requirement for me to move? How did that slip by my careful eye? I have been running an awful awful lot lately, I've probably put on more miles on my beloved running shoes these last 3 days then I have the last 3 months, it happens where you're bored and frustrated and lonely and mad, but I won't go there on something like this because A. I'm better than that and B. I once had a cheer coach that always told us "classy not trashy, we want to be Posh not Britney." So that's like my life motto now, but I still love Britney Spears so whatevs, would you hold it against me? Hahaha I seriously need a life. I have never been so excited for school to start in my entire life. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Annnddd that's a lot of evers. Okay so back to my running a ton story, I live literally right by the mall, if you know me at all, you know that's bad, especially since there's a Forever 21. That's like suicide. Anyways, so I've been running by the mall because obviously there's a lot of people by the mall and I get scared running where there isn't a lot of people because I live by a lot of fields too and fields are  the perfect places to hide bodies of 20 year old girls. I'm not crazy, I just watch a lot of tv. Anyways, back to my story for the 3rd time, I run by the mall a lot, which allows me to people watch like crazy, which also allows me to scope out hot boys, like the two that were riding their bikes today when I was running. Too bad I didn't talk to them. Maybe tomorrow I'll have to pretend to sprain my ankle or something good like that. Also I ate a couple bugs today on my run and it was super super nasty. I don't reccommend it. They don't taste like chocolate, I promise!

So pretty much this blog is pointless, like alllll my other ones, but hey, I'm the writer so I call the shots here!
Thanks for reading!

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