Friday, July 29, 2011

I blame Stephanie Carlon for this..

Hey Steph, I'm blaming you for this because I read your blog about weddings and I really liked all those pictures you posted. And then I got on MSN and these really cool wedding cakes popped up and then I just HAD to look at them, and then I felt the need to blog about it because I liked them so much.

So I've never really been into the whole "planning my wedding since I was 5 years old" deal, but I have kind of thought about it within the last year or so. I mean, I'm a teenage girl, of course I'm going too.

So like I said, these really cool wedding cake ideas popped up on MSN so I thought I'd take a looksy, and I liked what I saw!

LOVE this cake, probably because I love lace so so much.

I really like how this one isn't white. White is boring.

love love love this one!

I personally wouldn't do this for my wedding invitations, but I still think its creative!

Fashionable Flora Wedding Invitation
That one is really classy. I like it.

I think I want my wedding colors to be baby blue and baby yellow. (hahaha, I like "baby.") Or maybe baby blue and baby peach. Or maybe hot pink and black. That might be a lil drastic. I used to want to get married in May, but then I started to realize how unpredictable May weather was. So now I want to get married in June.

I LOVE THIS! This is definitely how my hair will be.

This is a cute idea! Me gusta.
I want a wedding dress with these 3 things: lace, glitter, and rhinestones. Those are my 3 favorite things in the whole world.

How amazing is this dress?! Seriously, so cute.

 I love this idea of everyone in different dresses. So fun!
Last but not least, the place of such events!

The Manti, Utah temple! That's where I want to get married. It's SO pretty. And I love the look of it.
I will also be happy with the following:
Logan Utah Mormon Temple
Logan, Utah temple!
Mesa Arizona Mormon Temple
Mesa, Arizona temple!
Oakland California Mormon Temple
Oakland, California temple!
Sacramento California Mormon Temple
Sacramento, California temple! (love this one!)
Salt Lake Mormon Temple
Salt lake temple!
 I think you guys get the picture....haha.
Okay, so after all that searching, I decided to discard every idea I posted on here because I found the most perfect wedding idea I could have ever seen in my entire life. Ever.
Wait for it....


That would be SUCH a great wedding. Like for reals.
Okay I think I'm done now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what I love.

Hey guys! So today after some serious blogger's block (hahaha) I decided that I really want to blog about things that I love, and that I am extremely grateful for!

First off, I'm so grateful for my familia!

Look at how cute we are!
I'm also really grateful for this girl

She keeps life really entertaining.
I'm also incredibly thankful for these people who are literally the best things that ever happened to me

seriously, I just have SO many great people to love!
Thanks for being so great!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sleep Deprived and Stumbleupon

That is what I have been up too lately...or not up too? Since I never sleep. I am sleep deprived, and I'm not Mcdonald's, I'm not loving it. Actually I shouldn't say that, I do get some 5-6 hours, and then the rest of the sleep that I should have gotten I get during the day, like after class...or during it... (don't tell my mom.) School's gotta be good for something right? :)

I bet this is what I look like when I sleep in class.


This is not what I look like when I sleep in class, however this is incredibly funny. It may be only funny because I'm exhausted, but I think its just funny in general. That didn't really make any sense...I'm over it.

How GREAT is that?! Seriously, that's hilarious! hahahaha. ha.

So since I can't sleep, I stumble. Stumbleupon has become quite the addiction of mine.
Wanna see what I've found?
(this is way cool, I want to go to those places!)
(piano stairs! who would've thought...)
(mostly because of my love for Across the Universe. I just named my fish Jude.)

Okay friends, I think that is all! Enjoy the links, and stay classy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey ya'll! So I guess that this blog is really about how much I miss Wisconsin. To say the least, it really is my home away from home, and lately it just hit me how much I really miss it. Like really.
Wanna see some pics?
Sure ya do!

birthday princess! That's my roomie Brit Brat. Okay actually her name is Brittany, but I like Brit Brat :) Oh and I'm Sammie Sweetheart, and yes, I still call her my roomie.

We went to a Brewers game kind of to celebrate both of our birthday's since they are like 28 days apart.

Miller Park in Milwaukee!

I fell off my chair...backwards.

I ran the Turkey Trot with my babies Madi and Kayla! It was freezing if you couldn't tell. That's Manitowoc for ya.

My super friend Tia Cliche Allen duck taped me to a chair. At least the duck tape wasn't boring looking!

That's my lil man Owen! I sure miss him like crazy :(

This blog is making me depressed and its really making me miss Wisconsin and Green Bay and all the wonderful fantastic people I met there! And my family, I miss them holey bunches.
I need to go back. NOW.
I didn't think that I would miss it all when I moved. Boy, was I wrong. Wisconsin has always been my second home. I practically grew up there, from catching crawfish in the creek with my cousins to going to college there. Life sure does move fast!
I think I'm going to cry now.

Some great times were had by all there. Like how everyone's house I went too I always fell asleep. Always. And how I met so many fun people at church! Or how Ben Perez nailed me in the back with a soccer ball one time. Or how it took Brit Brat and I 2 hours when we first moved in to find ice cream because my dumb GPS got us lost everywhere. Or how I went trick or treating for the first time with my baby cousins! Wisconsin, we had some good times.

Keep on keepin on!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Procrastination at its finest!

I should be doing my homework, but I really just can't find it in me to do so.
So instead, this is what I've been doing!

Picture 1, we are Stephanie Carlon. Picture 2, we are Asians. Kimchi! Picture 3, this is how we normally look, and picture 4, moostaches and eyebrows!
Seriously. I do NOT want to write my art paper. Any takers? kthanxluvyabi!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"he'll pull you over for wreckless river driving!"

I went out on the river today for the first time this summer with my favorite family, the Mac Attack! Hahaha. I'm cleverrrr. Anyways, the River Police are literally cramping my style. I had to be super careful because I do not have my boater's license....yet. I'm going to get it so I can drive the jet skis without having to watch for the sheriff everywhere!
So today on the river a series of events happened, as in two.
The first being I jumped off the jet ski that Hailli and Courtney and I were on, and I smacked my knee against the side apparently but I didn't feel it because the water was super not warm, and my knee bruised and it started bleeding! And then when I went to wipe it off I got it on Courtney's arm and it was kind of gross. But that's okay because it stopped bleeding and then everything was okay!
Theeeennnn we started following a barge, (how do you even spell that?) and those are super fun to follow because they give off the biggest waves ever. Like seriously. They're like Shamu! And then if you hit them juuuusssst right you're face gets sprayed with nasty river water that smells like dead fish and who doesn't love that? Oh But its super fun anyways!

If you haven't heard of Boyce Avenue, you should check them out because they are reallllly good! They sing acoustic covers of different songs and stuff and they are bueno.
I like this one a lot!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lyrics to Live by

So today I woke up an  hour and a half before my alarm went off (unfortunate, I know) and so I decided to download the Stumbleupon app because I didn't have it on my phone yet, only on my computer (internet machine, same thing.) So I started "stumbling" and I felt like Alice in Wonderland when she fell down the hole because there were so many things to take in, probably not as weird as things she encountered, but nonetheless. So I stumbled across this quotes page called lyrics to live by, and I literally was on this page for probably 10 minutes or more just reading these different quotes from these different songs, saying to no one inparticular, "hey I like that song" or "I always knew that was a good lyric" or "I'm going to blog about this later," which I am doing as we read. Here's the link to the page:
Go look, its fun!

Okay so now that I explained this whole deal, I thought I just put some of the ones that I really liked on here, because I really like them, obvi.

Of course I liked this one. Who doesn't like Weezy?!

I'm not actually a fan of Garth Brooks, my dad raised us to not like him. But its well said anyways. Job well done, Garth.

be different! Plus I LOVE Coldplay and this song. Love love love.

huge fan of this song. for real.

great song, great band!

and last but not least...

thank you, Queen!

Okay, that's all the inspiration I have for today! If you have any other inspirational song lyrics let me know, I would love to hear them!