Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hey ya'll! So I guess that this blog is really about how much I miss Wisconsin. To say the least, it really is my home away from home, and lately it just hit me how much I really miss it. Like really.
Wanna see some pics?
Sure ya do!

birthday princess! That's my roomie Brit Brat. Okay actually her name is Brittany, but I like Brit Brat :) Oh and I'm Sammie Sweetheart, and yes, I still call her my roomie.

We went to a Brewers game kind of to celebrate both of our birthday's since they are like 28 days apart.

Miller Park in Milwaukee!

I fell off my chair...backwards.

I ran the Turkey Trot with my babies Madi and Kayla! It was freezing if you couldn't tell. That's Manitowoc for ya.

My super friend Tia Cliche Allen duck taped me to a chair. At least the duck tape wasn't boring looking!

That's my lil man Owen! I sure miss him like crazy :(

This blog is making me depressed and its really making me miss Wisconsin and Green Bay and all the wonderful fantastic people I met there! And my family, I miss them holey bunches.
I need to go back. NOW.
I didn't think that I would miss it all when I moved. Boy, was I wrong. Wisconsin has always been my second home. I practically grew up there, from catching crawfish in the creek with my cousins to going to college there. Life sure does move fast!
I think I'm going to cry now.

Some great times were had by all there. Like how everyone's house I went too I always fell asleep. Always. And how I met so many fun people at church! Or how Ben Perez nailed me in the back with a soccer ball one time. Or how it took Brit Brat and I 2 hours when we first moved in to find ice cream because my dumb GPS got us lost everywhere. Or how I went trick or treating for the first time with my baby cousins! Wisconsin, we had some good times.

Keep on keepin on!

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