Monday, July 25, 2011

Sleep Deprived and Stumbleupon

That is what I have been up too lately...or not up too? Since I never sleep. I am sleep deprived, and I'm not Mcdonald's, I'm not loving it. Actually I shouldn't say that, I do get some 5-6 hours, and then the rest of the sleep that I should have gotten I get during the day, like after class...or during it... (don't tell my mom.) School's gotta be good for something right? :)

I bet this is what I look like when I sleep in class.


This is not what I look like when I sleep in class, however this is incredibly funny. It may be only funny because I'm exhausted, but I think its just funny in general. That didn't really make any sense...I'm over it.

How GREAT is that?! Seriously, that's hilarious! hahahaha. ha.

So since I can't sleep, I stumble. Stumbleupon has become quite the addiction of mine.
Wanna see what I've found?
(this is way cool, I want to go to those places!)
(piano stairs! who would've thought...)
(mostly because of my love for Across the Universe. I just named my fish Jude.)

Okay friends, I think that is all! Enjoy the links, and stay classy!

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