Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lyrics to Live by

So today I woke up an  hour and a half before my alarm went off (unfortunate, I know) and so I decided to download the Stumbleupon app because I didn't have it on my phone yet, only on my computer (internet machine, same thing.) So I started "stumbling" and I felt like Alice in Wonderland when she fell down the hole because there were so many things to take in, probably not as weird as things she encountered, but nonetheless. So I stumbled across this quotes page called lyrics to live by, and I literally was on this page for probably 10 minutes or more just reading these different quotes from these different songs, saying to no one inparticular, "hey I like that song" or "I always knew that was a good lyric" or "I'm going to blog about this later," which I am doing as we read. Here's the link to the page:
Go look, its fun!

Okay so now that I explained this whole deal, I thought I just put some of the ones that I really liked on here, because I really like them, obvi.

Of course I liked this one. Who doesn't like Weezy?!

I'm not actually a fan of Garth Brooks, my dad raised us to not like him. But its well said anyways. Job well done, Garth.

be different! Plus I LOVE Coldplay and this song. Love love love.

huge fan of this song. for real.

great song, great band!

and last but not least...

thank you, Queen!

Okay, that's all the inspiration I have for today! If you have any other inspirational song lyrics let me know, I would love to hear them!

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