Saturday, July 16, 2011

"he'll pull you over for wreckless river driving!"

I went out on the river today for the first time this summer with my favorite family, the Mac Attack! Hahaha. I'm cleverrrr. Anyways, the River Police are literally cramping my style. I had to be super careful because I do not have my boater's license....yet. I'm going to get it so I can drive the jet skis without having to watch for the sheriff everywhere!
So today on the river a series of events happened, as in two.
The first being I jumped off the jet ski that Hailli and Courtney and I were on, and I smacked my knee against the side apparently but I didn't feel it because the water was super not warm, and my knee bruised and it started bleeding! And then when I went to wipe it off I got it on Courtney's arm and it was kind of gross. But that's okay because it stopped bleeding and then everything was okay!
Theeeennnn we started following a barge, (how do you even spell that?) and those are super fun to follow because they give off the biggest waves ever. Like seriously. They're like Shamu! And then if you hit them juuuusssst right you're face gets sprayed with nasty river water that smells like dead fish and who doesn't love that? Oh But its super fun anyways!

If you haven't heard of Boyce Avenue, you should check them out because they are reallllly good! They sing acoustic covers of different songs and stuff and they are bueno.
I like this one a lot!

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