Sunday, August 7, 2011

but we're happy!

I went to Portland this weekend with my baby sisters Shelby and Courtney, and that was literally the quote of the entire trip. "We're incredibly lost...but we're happy!" "We almost got in 8 million wrecks...but we're happy!" "We are SO tired...but we're happy!" I think you get the picture.

aren't we cute? but seriously.
That was mine and Court's first time on the MAX. It was actually kind of fun and we didn't get lost so yeah, we win.

So this weekend was an eventful one. We went to the zoo

and I tried to drop them off (Shelby and Courtney)  but they wouldn't let me. Sad, I know.
And we also went shopping. A lot. Like 3 different malls in 2 days...we're teenage girls. What do you expect? We also went to Sky High! That place is a good time.

Courtney got her back tuck, and I almost killed myself trying. I'm not as young as I used to be folks, I'm almost 20 (even though I look like I'm 13.) Shelby did real good too! She got her front handspring and she pretty much got her front tuck also! And Rachel was literally just flipping all over the place, haha. The second day is definitely the worst. I can't move. Like hardly at all. And I don't want to put on icy hot because once I read a story where this girl died because she put on too much icy hot and the chemicals in it soaked into her blood stream and then it killed her. So now I'm real cautious about stuff like that. I say like a lot. Oh well.

So I think that's pretty much all that we did...oh yeah, we went to the Portland, Oregon Temple as well! Its being remodeled or whatevs, so we got the best picture that we could.

It was still SO pretty though! As always!

Oh, and this song was also one we listened to A LOT on this trip, because I love it. So much.
k thanks for reading!

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