Sunday, August 28, 2011

yeah I could totally do without that.

So I know it may so totally seem like all my blogs are negative, but they aren't (at least I hope they aren't) and I'm not really that much of a negative nancy...okay maybe a little bit...sometimes. Anyways this blog was triggered by the current storm taking place outside right meow. In case you didn't know, I HATE STORMS. SO MUCH. Like really, its unreal how much I hate them. I mean who really likes lightning? Not me! I've seen Sweet Home Alabama. You can get struck by lightning. And that's like one of my biggest fears. One of them, I have like a million. I'm what the Americans say....a big baby. Anyhooters, so I'm driving home like 10 minutes ago right, and there is lightning ALL OVER and I literally live 30 seconds away from where I was driving from, and I was so scared I was going to get struck by lightning cause really it was like all over. I'm pretty sure it was taunting me.
So if you're not getting what I'm saying, I could totally live without storms. And lightning. This one time when I lived in Green Bay (Wisconsin always gets really bad storms, they always used to make my Grandpa's power go out and I would almost always cry. I've always hated them, but I used to pretend to like them because my dad loves them and I wanted to be cool or something, idk) So anyways, it was like right when I first moved into my dorm at the very end of August, so around this time last year, and I was all emotional and stuff because my dad and my other half had just left and I was literally crying for like a week and so then its like this really bad storm and my room was SO HOT and so we always kept the window open and there was lightning and I didn't want to shut the window because it was way too hot in there but I also was pretty convinced I'd get struck by lightning because I was on the 3rd floor of our building and I sleep on the top bunk so I was taller and stuff and it was just really not a good time. I think I ended up shutting the window, that's why I'm still alive.

I really had no intention of writing about lightning this whole time, but I'm kind of tired of typing and I want to get on pinterest and look for jobs (not on pinterest.)

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