Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break!

I haven't blogged in sooo long, and Stephanie Carlon has been really making me want to blog because she made her blog all cute and it gave me motivation! Thanks Steph!

Anyways, so for spring break, my family and I went to Hawaii! It was SO much fun, I could live there forever! Even if the weather is bad there, its still perfect (if that makes sense.) We did so much, but I wish we would have been there longer because there is still so much that we didn't do, but I'm super glad we went!

I'm gonna post some pictures, and then I'll explain them!

So, as you can so obviously tell, Courtney is like 10x darker than me, so save it because I already know! Anyways, we went parasailing, which was probably the scariest thing I've ever done in my whole 20 years of living. I'm not afraid of heights, however I am terrified of the ocean, and when you're swinging around 800 feet above the deep blue, it's a little frightening. Okay, maybe it was worse than that. I almost had a panic attack up there, even ask Courtney. She was laughing at me! I didn't want to get dipped because like I said, I hate the ocean, but my wonderful parents who were on the boat when we were in the air told the people running the show that we wanted to get dipped. A lot. So who got dunked in the ocean up to their necks? Courtney and I did! And not only was it a dunk, but it was like a "hey let's watch paint dry while you're sitting in the middle of the ocean with your feet dangling in the water for a shark to come eat them off!" kind of dunk. So scary and I'm never doing it again.

One of my favorite things that we did in Hawaii was go see Pearl Harbor and the Punchbowl. I'm kind of a nerdy nerd and I love history, so it was super cool to me. It really made me want to work on a Navy Base Hospital!

Of course one of the most beautiful things we saw was the Laie Hawaii Temple at BYU Hawaii. So beautiful! When you go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, you can take a tram tour to visit BYUH and the Temple, which I thought was kind of neat.

Let's see, all over Waikiki Beach there's statues of different Kings and Queens, like literally all over. People go and put flower leis on them for some reason, but its kind of cool too. And Ashley Knode, if you're reading this, the beach is that way!! :)

OH! I almost forgot! I swam with dolphins!!! We went to this place called Sealife Park and we got to swim with dolphins! I'm not gonna lie that was also really terrifying because when all you can see in the tank is the fin, it kind of looks like a shark. I almost didn't even do it, Courtney and my parents made me. The instructor lady asked me if I was nervous because I was basically the color of a ghost because I was so scared, but little did she know I'm always the color of a ghost! It was really fun though, and the dolphins feel all slimy and rubbery! I got to kiss them too, which was a cool experience! The lady had us swim out to the middle of the tank and then they have the dolphins swim underneath you and I almost pooped my pants, it was so scary! As if you can't tell, I'm kind of a baby. No big deal.

Climbing Diamond Head was also really fun. I love stuff like that! There's a lot of steps you have to climb but in my opinion that hike was easier than climbing Badger! Plus the scenery was way better too.

We didn't make it to Haunama Bay to go snorkeling, however we did go snorkeling in a reef tank at our hotel that was just full of fish which was fine by me because I hate fish and sharks and turtles and eels and basically anything else that can kill me in the ocean. I'm actually really glad we didn't go snorkeling in a Bay area or whatever because I almost had a heart attack in the reef tank with ONLY fish, so my heart probably would have stopped in the actual ocean.

So that's pretty much it, I mean we did a lot more than all of that but I realized this post is getting kind of long. So sorry to anyone who's reading! I will tell you guys that I'm allergic to mosquito bites, and I got like 10 or 11 of them in Hawaii, and since I'm allergic usually they swell up and turn purple, but these ones decided to swell and blister so I literally looked like I had a disease. It was awesome.

Okay, thanks for reading!

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