Saturday, February 11, 2012

Change of Perspective.

So I haven't blogged at all for 2012 yet and I've been really wanting too, like really bad, but I've either been busy, napping, or I didn't really have any great ideas. WELL, tonight I was at Walmart with my parents, and my dad and I were walking down some aisle, and we saw these two girls making fun of this lady that worked there who was a little bigger around. It seriously broke my heart to hear and to watch these two girls make fun of someone like that.

Now I know I'm not perfect and I'm not saying that I've never judged anyone by what they look like, or what they're wearing, etc, but I can honestly say that I've definitely been trying to truly look for  the good in others. How can you judge someone when you don't know their situation?
It reminded me of an article I had to read recently for one of my english classes about this 400 lb. man who had hated his life, and his coworkers always made fun of him for his weight, but the man had said that nobody had asked him why he was really 400 lbs. No one had considered the levels he went to try to lose weight. No one had known how hard his life had been, or that his weight condition was hereditary. They only judged him by his weight, and his weight alone.

I guess I'm kind of rambling on now, but I just really wanted to get that off my chest. It's not even weight issues that have been bugging me lately, its seeing anyone in need. Why don't we help out more people? Is it because we're too busy? Or we just don't want too?  Why don't we stand up for people like the Walmart employee? Are we too afraid? Maybe we shouldn't be. Maybe we should stand up for what we know is right.

Okay, sorry for the heavy, but I just really really really needed to say that.
Thanks for reading!