Monday, December 19, 2011

The True Meaning.

Hello fellow readers! It has been quite some time since I've blogged last. I guess I just got caught up with school and work and life and whatnot, also I don't really ever have anything important to say, haha. But I do feel like this is important, so I'm going to say it. Bear (bare? i don't really know actually) with me please, this could get kind of emotional.

So Christmas is in 6 days or something close like that, and I haven't really "felt" like its Christmas, given I've been listening to Christmas music since July, so that wasn't really new or anything. I've always loved the season. I love the decorations, and the lights. Not to mention the holiday baking because let's be real, I love eating. Back to what I was originally saying, I haven't really felt like its Christmas, or close to it, and its honestly been kind of stumping me. I mean, I've done everything Christmas-y, so why doesn't it feel like Christmas? And then, it HIT ME! Okay, so I've been going to church since you know, I was born, and I've been raised LDS my entire life. I know the reason for the season, and that is most importantly Jesus and his birth. Somehow, I've let it not entirely slip my mind this season, but it hasn't been my first priority like I know that it should be. I teach a primary class at church on sundays for the 4/5 year olds, and I just adore them. Seriously, the most precious and eager children you will ever meet. They teach me so much more than I ever could have possibly imagined. Anyways, so our lesson on Sunday was our Christmas lesson, and it warmed my heart to see that they knew what Christmas was all about. To hear them shout out their answers when I asked if they knew what the true meaning of Christmas was, was incredible. To hear and to see these little children know this was such an eye opener.

Christmas these days is all commercialized. Its all about presents, and Santa. People forget the true meaning. These children have helped me to remember what the season is all about. Giving, loving one another, and most importantly, our Savior.

Giving and service is one of my biggest goals. I feel like I don't serve enough. I've been looking for charities to help, and for organizations to volunteer for, but I haven't been trying hard enough. But that's my goal, to get involved, and to serve. I think tomorrow I will collect some canned food and go to the Salvation Army, or maybe I will use my paycheck to go pick out some presents for the children in the shelters or hospital. I'm not entirely sure what I am going to do yet, but I know I am going to do something.

Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry for the heavy. If you get anything out of this blog, I would hope that it would be to remember the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Have a very merry Christmas!
Love, always.

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