Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Long time no blog!

But seriously, it has been a long time, and that's probably because my computer is broken, and I go to school, and I work, and I study, and I watch the Big Bang Theory, and I sleep...ALOT. I think something is wrong with me because all I want to do is sleep all the time!

Anyways, I should be studying right now. I have a muscle test tomorrow in anatomy (I've had 2 tests already this week) but I just really don't want to study anymore. My brain is so fried its basically KFC. Or maybe it would be Kentucky Fried Brain? Who wants fried brains? Not me. I'm no zombie!Zombies scare me, cause they're all like "ahh let me kill you and eat you or bite you and turn you into a zombie ahhh" and plus they're reallllyy annoying cause they moan and its so creepy. Plus they are not attractive whatsoever. Look at me, all off topic like I know what I'm talking about. Actually I don't know what I'm talking about, and that's the beautiful thing of blogging, you don't have to have a purpose, which I don't, so I fit right in! That was a really long run-on sentence, but who cares I'm not an english teacher!

Just to let everyone know, the 25 days of Christmas starts on Sunday and I've been clearing up room on my DVR so I can get ready for it.  Christmas is  the BEST time of the year! I bought Justin Beiber's Christmas cd, and while I don't really like baby beibs, I do love any kind of Christmas music (I've been listening to it since July.) Oh, and also, Hillari and I leave for AZ in 23 days (I think!) So excited! Hello AZ and warm weather, goodbye ghetto TC and crappy weather! Not gonna miss this!

Okay, I  think I'm done. For now.
Enjoy this Christmas song that I rediscovered the other day.

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