Friday, September 30, 2011

They say its your birthday!

Oh HEY! It's my birthday!! And I'm 20! And I'm old! SO OLD! I'm not a teenager anymore! It's really weird! But my dad told me today that I looked like I was 9...I thought I looked at least 13, guess not!
Here are some pictures of this great event!

Aren't my JV girls sooo sweet?! They are the best girls ever! I love my baby birds!

Yeah people actually honked...haha. They were mostly guys...and mostly old...but hey who cares haha. It's the thought that counts right? Right!
Anyways, today was a pretty great day! Not only am I no longer a teenager, but I am incredibly spoiled (if you haven't noticed.)
I started off my day by waking up at 4:30 am, for no apparent reason, and I couldn't go back to sleep so I watched The Big Bang Theory and I tried to learn the theme song..I'm close but not quite yet! THEN I decided to go for a run and it was really cold but it was still really great. Then I got ready and stuffs and momma made me breakfast (egg whites and turkey bacon) and then I opened my presents and stuff. Wanna know what I got? Sure ya do!
So I gotttttt:
  • money!
  • pink camo slippers (thanks court!)
  • the Mumford and Sons cd! (thanks again court!)
  • a disney princess birthday ribbon (which I was forced to wear all day. I looked like I was 3.)
  • leather boots!
  • a leather jacket!
  • Juicy purse! (and yes, it has a crown on it!)
  • a S necklace! (I LOVE IT!)
  • some really good smelling lotion and some makeup stuff
So that's all, it was a lot and  it was great! So after I opened my presents I got a pumpkin spice chai tea because I'm a princess and it was my birthday and I've been doing really good watching what I eat except for today cause today is my day off and so yeah I thought I'd treat myself cause I love pumpkin! Then I got my nails done, and I got fake nails just for kicks because I've never had them because of cheer and my fingers hurt really bad and whenever I say that I just think of Happy Gilmore, and I can't really do anything. It's sad.
So THEN I went to Costa Vida for lunch, and it was pretty good, it's like the next best thing to Cafe Rio! And I went shopping and stuff with momma bear and quart-knee, cause like I said I'm spoiled rotten. Then I went to PF Changs for dinner because I REALLY love chinese food, and theeeennn I went to the SHS v. Hanford game and that was pretty alright I guess, p.s. I coach JV and even though its a varsity game I always sit on the sidelines with the cheer team because I don't like sitting in the parent section cause I feel weird. Well after that I came home and had cake which was SOOO much chocolate so I ate like 4 bites but it was still really amazing.
To end,
Today was a really great 20th birthday! THANK YOU so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and you cared enough to think about me! You are all so sweet!
Special shout out to mi familia for being so incredibly fantastic!

p.s. thanks for reading my life story about today!

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