Sunday, October 16, 2011


Okay so for starters, I did not go to homecoming, well I kind of did but I'll get to that soon, so do not be decieved by the title of this post. I am not in highschool anymore (sigh of relief) and I am definitely not that person that still wants to go to dances even after they've graduated. I didn't even want to go when I was in highschool. Why would I want to go now? ANYWAYS.

SOOOO...for those of you who do not know, my parents DO homecoming. Cheer is in charge of homecoming and my parents pretty much take over. My mom decides what to do for everything and my dad builds whatever she tells him too. So yeah, pretty much from May until October ish our house is a disaster, we NEVER get to see slash talk to our parents (which can sometimes be a good thing I guess,) they are never here, always busy, and Courtney and I are practically ignored for months which is something we are certainly not used too. So you can probably tell that we are both ecstatic that homecoming is over! WE GET OUR LIVES BACK! Hooray!!

Here's some pics of homecoming! Court looked so purrty!

sooo....I may or may not have dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow at their homecoming last night...OKAY SO I DID AND IT WAS HILARIOUS! Kadie dressed like Ariel because she has long super pretty red hair and she has lots of freckles like Ariel. So it was perfect. Okay so story of how I became friday night I was messing around with this like life size steering wheel thing and I was going on about how I should have a captain's hat and how I really had one and how I should dress up like a captain and then all of a sudden I was like "I SHOULD BE JACK SPARROW OMG!" and everyone loved that idea and so my mom made me go find a costume Saturday morning, and I didn't even think about facial hair or anything, but luckily a girl on the teams (fairy) godmother was there and she did theatre makeup and stuff like that for a living and I asked her if she would do my makeup and she did and it looked soooo fantastic! I pretty much looked like a boy...haha. Kadie and I, or should I say Ariel and I, were the hit of homecoming. Who cares about cute boys or dresses or pretty hair when you have disney characters at your highschool dance?! Yeah...we don't have lives...

I'm kind of a good time. Whatevs.

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