Monday, September 5, 2011

life as I know it.

Life used to be my favorite board game. Ever. But really when we would go back to Wisconsin in the summer and for Christmas and stuffs that's like alll we did (we as in my sister and I, and my cousins and my grandpa's neighbor Tiffany.) We were a pretty tight group!
ANYWAYS. Life as we know it is also a movie, a terriffic movie if I say so myself, which I just did.
Okay back to the essence of this blog..
Life has seriously gone by so fast! I'm almost 20 and Courtney aka porkers, yentric, baby girl, is a senior! Where did the time go!? I feel like I could still be in middle school...actually I don't, I just look like I could be. Ha. Ha. Don't get me wrong, growing up is fun! If you like studying until 1 am, working your buns off, and making hard decisions. Unless you're not practical, which 95% of my graduating class is not, then all you do is drink and sleep, and sometimes work. BUT as for me, I am one of those 5% who is practical and actually wants to make something of themselves one day! Goooo me! (It's the cheerleader in me, it never goes away. See JV girls, now you know what I'm talking bout!) Back to being practical, school is not for me, and thankfully I only have 2 more quarters at CBC and then I'm outta this town!...hopefully. We'll find out in March!

Time really has gone fast though! My best friend has been gone on his mission for almost 2 years already, 4 months people! And I am sooo excited for him to come home! :) I think I spelt teriffic wrong in the first part of my blog, I actually don't even know how to spell that word...maybe I should take more english classes. NOT.

Sorry for venting, I'm in one of those "I really wish I could sleep and not think about all the things I need to do but don't want too" know how that is.
Thanks for reading!

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